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Mechanical Engineering activities at the Indian Institute of Science commenced prior to the Independence, in 1945, with the establishment of the Department of Internal Combustion Engineering. The Mechanical Engineering section of Power Engineering Department followed suit in 1951, and later became a full fledged Department. The Department of Internal Combustion Engineering merged with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1970. The classrooms, laboratories and offices of the department are located at the South-East end of the Campus in three buildings — the Power Engineering Building, the TPS Building and the New Mechanical Engineering Building.

Teaching and Research

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a richly integrated curriculum of education and research to its students. The Department offers Masters (M.E. and M.Sc(Engg.)) and Ph. D. programmes. At any time of the year, the Department has around 75 research scholars; the Department graduates 30 Master's degree students and about 8 Ph.D. research scholars every year. Students have a variety of opportunities to investigate a broad range of research in about a dozen thrust areas. Some of the specific areas include Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Robotics and Controls, Turbomachinery and Combustion Systems, IC Engines, Multi-Phase flow, Nano-mechanics, Tribology, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Acoustics. Much of the research is conducted within the department, but many projects are carried out in collaboration with other departments and centers on campus, as well as with other R&D institutions and national laboratories in the country and abroad. The faculty, students and staff author more than 100 research publications annually in leading national and international journals and conferences. Several of the faculty are fellow of various national academies in science and engineering, and have received recognition in the form of national and international awards. The alumni and staff of this department occupy high positions in institutions of higher learning, research laboratories and industries in India and abroad.

The Mechanical Engineering Faculty are continuing to explore new areas of research and develope new courses. Some of the areas in which the department faculty have ventured into are MEMS, Electronic Cooling, Micro- and Macro-mechanics, Combustion, Energy, Bioengineering.