• Tissue Biomechanics

    (a) Bi-axial stretcher (b) Material characterization

  • Cell Mechanobiology

    (a) Traction Force Microscopy (b) Cells under Stretch

  • Mechanics of Cutting and Steering of Insect Probes

About us

Research interests in the laboratory mainly lie in the broad areas of tissue biomechanics, cell mechanobiology and biomaterials & biomimetics. At the scale of tissues, we use methods in nonlinear mechanics and viscoelasticity to quantify the properties of tissues, hydrogels, and bioinspired materials that undergo large deformations. In mechanobiology we use experiments and modelling approaches to quantify cell adhesions and migrations. Insects and mechanisms used by them to puncture and steer probes through substrates are a source of fascination that we also study.

Latest News

December 2020

Intrigued about wood cutting larvae? See our work in JMBBM titled “Cutting mechanics of wood by beetle larval mandibles”.

November 2020

The lab is featured in the current issue of Kernel!

November 2020

Our latest work is featured in Soft Robotics. Congratulations to Aritra Chatterjee and Nimesh Chahare!

October 2020

Siddharth Jaddivada's work on cell-substrate interactions is posted to biorXiv. Congratulations! Forging along to thesis submission next!

October 2020

Check out our review on Mechanics of cutting and steering of insect probes in substrates in Current Opinions in Insect Science.

September 2020

Welcome to Siddiq Abubaker and Supreeth M to the lab. Siddiq is jointly advised by Prof. Deepak Saini and is in the Biosystems Science and Engineering department. Supreeth is registered in the Mechanical Engineering department.

May 2020

Our collaboration with Prof. Jaywant Arakeri on flows in ascending aorta and internal carotid artery is published in J. Biomechanics. We suggest a novel graphical description of the flow physics using a rosette in this work.

December 2018

Congratulations to Ankur Kulkarni for successfully defending his thesis.

December 2018

Prof.Dr.L.C.Prasanna, Associate Professor, Kasturba Medical College received TARE (SERB) fellowship starting November 2018.


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