Our research areas lie at the intersection of thermal sciences, energy sciences and applied physics. We are broadly interested in studying the thermal and electronic properties of electrical insulators, semiconductors and metals. We develop computational and experimental tools to probe the microscopic, quantum-mechanical interactions among energy carriers that drive macroscopic energy transport properties such as thermal conductivity, electronic mobility and thermoelectric coefficients. Explore our Research Themes and Talks to learn more!



  • [Sept. 2nd 2022] Nikhil's PMRF is recommended for renewal with commendation! Great work, Nikhil!

  • [Mar. 9th 2022] Navaneeth is an Infosys Young Investigator from 2022 to 2023. Congrats!

  • [Jan. 3rd 2022] Nikhil wins the prestigious Prime Minister's Research Fellowship (PMRF)! Congrats!

  • [July 7th 2021] IISc highlights Navaneeth's recent work on identifying new materials with novel thermal properties!

  • [June 9th 2021] Navaneeth publishes a paper in Nature Communications!

  • [April 19th 2021] Navaneeth co-authors a collaborative publication in npj Computational Materials!

  • [April 1st 2021] IQTI funds NETLab's research through a seed grant!

  • [March 10th 2021] SERB funds NETLab's research through a core research grant (CRG)!

  • [June 18th 2020] Navaneeth publishes a paper in Physical Review X!

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