Bobji, M. S.

Ph. D. (1999), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
M.Tech. (1992), IIT, Chennai, India
B. E. (1989), Thiagarajar college of Engg., Madurai, India.

Research Interests:

Small scale Materials Properties

Solid Mechanics, Nano-Mechanics

Nano-Particles in Tribology

Surface microtexturing

Designing Surfaces for Drag Reduction

Research Laboratory

Force Microscopy Laboratory  


ME 255 : Fundamentals of Tribology

ME 228 : Materials and Structure Property

ME 273 : Solid and Fluid Phenomena at small scales

Selected publications:


  • Anantheshwara, K. Lockwood, A. J. Mishra, Raja K., Inkson, B.J., Bobji, M.S.(2012), Dynamical Evolution of Wear Particles in Nanocontacts” Tribology Letters, 45(2) 229-235.
  • Lockwood A.J., Anantheshwara K, Bobji M.S., Inkson B.J. (2011), Friction-formed liquid droplets, Nanotechnology, 22, 105703.
  • Bobji, M.S., Xavier, S, Jayadeep, U.B., Jog,C.S., 2010, Adhesion-Induced Instability in Asperities, Tribology Letters, 39(2), 201-209.
  • M.S. Bobji, J.B. Pethica and B.J. Inkson, 2005, Indentation mechanics of Cu-Be quantified by an in situ transmission electron microscopy mechanical probe Journal of Materials Research, 20(10), 2726-2732
  • Bobji, M.S, Kumar, S.V, Asthana, A, Govardhan, R.N, 2009, Underwater Sustainability of the "Cassie" State of Wetting, Langmuir, 25 (20): 12120-12126.
  • M.S. Bobji, B. Bhushan, In situ microscopic surface characterization studies of polymeric thin films during tensile deformation using atomic force microscopy, J. Mater. Res. (2001), 16(3), 844-855. 
  • M.S. Bobji and S.K. Biswas, 1996, Determination and study of the strength of the Blister field generated by conical indentation, Philosophical Magazine A, 73(2), 399-413.
  • M.S. Bobji, 1997, Studies in Depth Sensing Indentation, PhD Thesis, IISc.  Pdf Version
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