Image/Video Contest

The video/picture could either be part of a simulation or an experiment. The contents of the visuals must be original. The best video/image will be se- lected based on votes from the audience during the symposium. Both for videos/pictures, subtitles or short texts can be used for clarity. It is requested to display your name, lab and experiment in the visuals. We also request you to grant us permission to use the image/video in the department website post symposium (due credits will be given to the owners). Kindly email the visuals (video/image) with subject line "Submission for Image/Video Contest"


Video contest

Data Type: Short video (< 2 minutes, without any audio)

Format: avi/mp4

File Name format: "YourName_SRNO_Video.fileformat" (eg: myname_12345_Video.mp4)

Image contest

Data Type: High Quality Image(Minimum 800 dpi)

Format: .jpeg/.tif/.eps/.png

File Name format: "YourName_SRNO_Image.fileformat" (eg: myname_12345_Image.png)


Last date of Susmissions: July 27, 2021