Poster Presentation

Presenters should submit A0 size poster along with 3 minute audio clip ex- plaining the contents. Posters will be on display to the public on the website On day of symposium, there will be live parallel sessions on Microsoft Teams (15-20 minutes) where authors are expected to be available online and share a single slide of presentation. Anyone wishing to interact with any presenter could join the corresponding session using Teams meeting links. Send in your nal submission with the email subject line "Submission for Poster Presentation". The mail should also contain your Full name, Advisor name, SR number and year of degree.


Poster presentation

Format of poster: size A0

File type: png, jpg, jpeg

Maximum file size: 4.8 MB

Maximum pixel size: 5000 x 5000

Font size: Maintain minimum of 28 point font size if you are making poster in Microsoft Power point.

Use scale=1.4 if you are using beamer poster package in latex (eg: use package [orientation=portrait, size=a0, scale=1.4] fbeamerposterg)

File Name format: "YourName_SRNO_Poster.fileformat" (eg: myname_12345_Poster.png)

Audio file

Duration: <3 minutes

File type: mp3

Maximum file size: 100 MB

File Name format: "YourName_SRNO_Poster.fileformat" (eg: myname_12345_PosterAudio.mp3)


Last date of Susmissions: July 27, 2021