Instructions to qualified candidates for in-person interviews for admission to the Research programmes in the Mechanical Engineering Department @ IISc during November 21-22, 2022



ME Office contact details for interview candidates in case of emergencies during the interview: +91 – 80 – 2293 2332

      1. The in-person interviews will be conducted at the Mechanical Engineering Department, IISc Bengaluru from November 21-22, 2022.
      2. The candidates can refer to their interview call letter (downloadable from the admissions portal) for the day and session (forenoon/afternoon) of their interview and plan accordingly.
      3. All candidates having interviews in the forenoon should report to the ME office by 9 am and those having interviews in the afternoon should report to the ME office by 2 pm.
      4. Please bring a hard copy of your application form
      5. The ME office will verify your identity and check your eligibility documents.
        • The eligibility documents are needed to check whether you have qualified under the mode of entry you have been shortlisted.
        • GATE score card, ME/MTech degree or marks card, BTech degree certificate or marks card showing a CGPA of 8.0 or above.
      6. Please wait till the interview committee calls.


Format of the interview process

      1. Each candidate will be interviewed for about 30 mins in total.
      2. Interview begins with a very brief conversation about the candidates’ background and prior experience, if any.  If you have/pursuing masters some details on your M.Tech project might be asked.
      3. The candidates will be asked to choose one or two broad areas of undergraduate-level Mechanical Engineering in which he/she wants to be questioned. The typical areas are: Solid mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Dynamics, Design and Materials.
      4. In that area, typically a small problem will be asked. The candidates have to solve it on the black board. More questions/clarifications will be asked from the candidates while the problem is being solved or after that is solved. This will be followed-up with more questions.
      5. You might be queried on the second area of preference, if necessary.
      6. A basic mathematics question may also be asked.