Instructions to candidates for online research interviews during January 4-6, 2021


Application no. and interview slots of invited candidates: Click here


Things to be kept ready by the candidates

    1. Two sketch pens (Blue, Black or Brown)
    2. Photo ID
    3. Atleast 25 white sheets of paper
    4. Mobile phone with Google Meet installed
    5. Arrangement as given in the photo below to ensure clear visibility of writing to the interview panel


  1. The interview will be conducted on Google Meet. Microsoft Teams will be used as a back-up if there are any connectivity issues. The candidates are requested to install Google Meet application on their mobile phone, through which the interview will happen.
  2. The candidates have been already informed of the day and session (forenoon/afternoon) of their interview via email by the IISc ME (Mechanical Engineering) office.
  3. All candidates having interviews in the forenoon should connect to the ME office between 9 am to 9:30 am on the day of the interview. The Google Meet link for the ME office vnz-xvph-ugd . Please be patient for your turn.
  4. ME office will verify your identity and could possibly take a snapshot for future reference.
  5. The ME office will provide the candidates a tentative time slot for the interview (e.g., 11 am to 12 noon on the same day).
    Forenoon session Afternoon session
    Slots Tentative interview start time Reporting time(to ME Office) Tentative interview start time Reporting time(to ME Office)
    A1, B1, C1 09:30 09:20 14:30 14:20
    A2, B2, C2 10:10 10:00 15:10 15:00
    A3, B3, C3 10:50 10:40 15:50 15:40
    A4, B4, C4 11:30 11:20 16:30 16:20
    A5, B5, C5 12:10 12:00 17:10 17:00
  6. After giving attendance, the candidate should disconnect from the ME office link and then connect to the ME Interview tech. team link (Google Meet ID bvq-stto-pdj ) between 9 am to 9:30 am on the day of the interview, to check and verify the interview settings (detailed below in points 8-10). Only after completing steps (3) and (4) will the candidate be allowed to continue for the interview.
  7. For candidates allotted the afternoon slot, steps (3), (4) and (5) above will be performed between 1:30 pm to 2 pm on the day of the interview.
  8. The candidates are required to be ready at least 10 mins. before their allotted time slot (provided in step (5) above) by connecting to the ME office Meet link (point (3) above).
  9. The ME office will provide a third Google Meet link (ME interview link) to the candidate at this time, which will take the candidate to the interview panel. The candidate can then disconnect from the ME office link and connect to the ME interview link. Once the candidate connects to the ME interview link, he/she will be with the interview panel and the interview will begin.
  10. The candidates are requested to have at least 25 separate sheets of plain paper ready, and use a sketch pen (dark blue, black, red or brown only) to show their workings on the papers. Candidates should avoid using pencils or ball point pens.
  11. The candidates are required to use the rear camera of their mobile phones to show their workings in an arrangement such as shown below for the interview: 
  12. We suggest that the mobile phone is placed at about 1 foot from the desk/floor. A rigid ruler (or a stick) with mobile attached using a rubber band or a selfie stick or a tripod can be used. The arrangement should be such that it gives about 6 inch X 6 inch working space. The mobile phone setup should be firm and stable and the candidate should ensure that the phone and the fixture do not come in the way of her/his writing. The candidate should remain calm and not panic if there is an issue with connectivity or mobile phone setup. The interview panel will be considerate and patient.
  13. Please remember to submit the integrity undertaking before the interview. We expect the candidates to take this undertaking seriously and refrain from any means of mal practices.
  14. We will have an interview ready Google Meet link (trial Google Meet call IDs gvj-wrjm-cnwabm-btoq-oyg and cdr-pfdk-igh) for candidates to perform a mock interview call between 4-5 pm from Sunday, January 3rd to Wednesday, January 6th. For example, if the candidate has an interview on Monday, Jan. 4th, he/she can go through a mock interview only on Sunday, January 4th (i.e., the previous day).


Format of the interview process

    1. Interview begins with a very brief conversation about the candidates’ background and prior experience, if any (for master’s students).
    2. The candidates will be asked to choose one or two broad areas of Mechanical Engineering in which he/she wants to be questioned. The typical areas are: Solid mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Dynamics, Design and Materials.
    3. In that area, typically a small problem will be asked. The candidates have to solve it on paper. More questions/clarifications will be asked from the candidates while the problem is being solved or after that is solved. This will be followed-up with more questions.
    4. One or two more questions may be asked, time permitting.
    5. A basic mathematics question may also be asked.