Chair’s Message


Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IISc

The origins of Mechanical Engineering at IISc, or ME as it is popularly known, can be traced back to the establishment of Internal Combustion Engineering in 1945 and Power Engineering in 1951. Born in an institution that was primarily focused on fundamental sciences, ME has played a pivotal role in creating technologies at the heart of engineering innovation in and beyond the walls of IISc.

It is a matter of pride for the department that it has been interacting with the strategic sector in India, with the industry, and government organizations for many decades. Right from its inception, the department has focused on research in both traditional and emerging areas, as is evident from the extramural grants, publications, and research outreach that has had impact on industry and society.

The breadth of research expertise in the Department is evident from the fact that its faculty have made significant contributions in IISc in helping to set up many departments and centres while also providing leadership in the country and in the world, though professional service.

In terms of research areas, the department has been engaged in manipulating and controlling fluids, heat, solids, and sound. There are many active laboratories in these areas with state-of-the-art facilities and an energetic research workforce.

As one of the first institutions in India to begin post-graduate education in mechanical engineering, the department is known for the high quality of its courses. Consequently, alumni of the department have done exceedingly well in their careers. Many occupy key positions in the industry and are leaders in government research organizations and academia. While PhD and MTech (Research) programmes form the core of the department, it also prides itself for the highly sought-after M Tech programme.

I encourage you to browse the website and to apply to join our exciting programs.

Raghuraman N Govardhan
Professor and Chair
October 11, 2021