How to reach ME@IISc?

Mechanical engineering is currently spread over in five buildings all in the same vicinity in southeast corner of the IISc campus. Information for reaching IISc is here (give a link to “” but make it such that the link opens in a new tab).

The five buildings of ME@IISc are:

  1. Mechanical Engineering Office Building: It houses faculty offices, administrative offices, a conference room, classrooms, a library, an auditorium on the third floor, and the computational mechanics laboratory in the basement.
  2. Semisolid Manufacturing Laboratory: It is located behind the Mechanical Engineering Office Building
  3. An assortment of ME laboratories: These are in contiguous buildings that house materials and tribology lab, Facility for Research in Technical Acoustics (FRiTA), engine research lab, and manufacturing lab.
  4. TPS Building: This old building, which began as a thermal power station (hence, TPS), now houses turbomachinery and fluid mechanics laboratories as well as a workshop on the ground floor; and Multidisciplinary and Multiscale Design and Device (M2D2) and Biomechanics Laboratories as well as Multimedia Classroom (MMCR) on the first floor.
  5. Power Engineering Building: This too is an old name that lingers on. It is the long and large building that begins with Mechanical Engineering and then becomes Electrical Engineering and ends up as Computer Science and Automation. The ground and first floors of this building on the east side have many Mechanical Engineering laboratories.