Academia-Industry Panel Discussion on Generative Design

Generative design has been a central topic, in one form or another, in the overall design process. It is currently vigorously practised in the industry and pursued in the academia. There are multiple viewpoints on generative design. From the academic viewpoint, it can be as fundamental as using graph theoretic techniques to enumerate configurations of mechanisms, known classically as type synthesis and number synthesis or as translational as topology optimization methods that are making their way into CAE software. From the current industry perspective, generative design entails modeling, developing, and enumerating new architectures using machine learning techniques.

In this academia-industry panel discussion, we get to hear various perspectives from experts and debate on convergence and divergence of multiple facets of generative design. The session comprises short talks by panelists followed by Q&A. Thus, there will be ample opportunity for the audience to air their views and ask questions.

Meeting link: July 7, 2021,  2:00 – 3:30 PM

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Agenda Title Responsible Description
2: 00 PM (India)
10:30 AM (EU)
Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh  Dr. Vinay Ramanath
Expectation Setting
2: 05 PM (India)
10:35 AM (EU)
Siemens power talks (10″ each)
Mike Nicolai Generative engineering
Jonathan Menu Future research tracks for generative engineering 
Dirk Hartmann Mathematics of Digital Twin
Vinay Ramanath Generative engineering in Aviation
Siemens technological positioning in generative engineering and why it maters
2: 45 PM (India)
11:15 AM (EU)
IISc power talks Prof. B. Gurumoorthy, Prof. Ashitava Ghosal,
Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh & Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti
Academic perspectives and new research thoughts
3: 15 PM (India)
11:45 AM (EU)
General discussions and path forward All (15″) Panel session, Q & As, directional settings, etc.,.
3: 30 PM (India)
12:00 PM (EU)
Wrap up Dr. Vinay Ramanath (2″) Summary and wrap up


Gurumoorthy is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Centre for Product Design at IISc. He is currently the Chief Executive of the Society for Innovation and Development at IISc. His research areas include geometric modeling, CAD, and PLM.

Ashitava Ghosal is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at IISc. His research interests include robotics, dynamics, and control.

Amaresh Chakrabarti is a professor in the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM). He is currently the chair of CPDM and also heads the Smart Factory initiative in IISc. His research interests are in conceptual design, design theory and methodology.

G. K. Ananthasuresh is a professor of mechanical engineering. He is currently the chair of mechanical engineering at IISc. His research interests include compliant mechanisms, topology optimization, MEMS, biomedical devices, and biomechanics of cells.

Mike Nicolai is a senior product & research manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software and is leading the Simcenter Studio that hosts the generative engineering technology module. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University and a degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Braunschweig. His current main interests are engineering design, systems engineering, simulation, optimization and high-performance computing.

Jonathan Menu is a research engineering manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software and holds a PhD in astronomy. 

Dirk Hartmann is senior principal scientist at Siemens Technology and an intrapreneur, and a thought leader in the field of Simulation and Digital Twins. Dirk holds a doctorate in natural sciences and develops innovations at the intersections of mathematics, physics and simulations.

Vinay Ramanath is principal scientist at Siemens Technology and the company core technology leader for generative engineering and probabilistic analytics