Returning after CoViD-19 lockdown


Institute’s advisories for returning to campus and being safe on campus after returning 

Starting May 18th, 2020, IISc will begin to gradually reopen its laboratories. It will be done in phases. In the first phase, only the following can return to work in the department of mechanical engineering.

  • Faculty who wish to come
  • Up to 30% of the administrative staff as requested by the Chair
  • Project staff who are asked by to return their faculty-in-charge (if they were not in Bengaluru during the lockdown, they must be in house-quarantine for 14 days after returning to Bengaluru
  • Students who have a place of residence in Bengaluru and are asked by their faculty adviser to return. Such students cannot use their hostel rooms and must commute every day.

All those who come to the campus from outside must fill a re-entry (hyperlink to form of the Institute and fill in a Google form (hyperlink to of the ME department. A letter of authorization to return to the campus will be sent by the ME department after filling the Google form. There is no other pass required.

All those who resume work in the laboratories and offices must adhere to the rules of safety and hygiene.

Safety guidelines of OLSEH  (click here)

Please find below a link to two important covid related papers. These two papers discuss various safety aspects, when you return to the lab during COVID-19.
Getting Back to the Lab during COVID-19
COVID-19: A Risk Assessment Perspective

All those who use the ME offices and laboratories must stop by the Security Guard’s desk to sign in and their forehead temperature be taken. They must also sign out when they leave the department premises. This must be followed irrespective whichever ME office or laboratory the person would use.

SOP for Lab santization after Covid exposure