Dibakar Sen

Dibakar Sen


PhD, IISc, Bangalore, 1997
MSc (Engg.), IISc, Bangalore, 1992
BE, REC Durgapur, Burdwan University (WB), 1989

+91 80 2293 3230

Research Interests

Applied geometry, Theoretical and computational kinematics, Mechanisms, CAD, VR/Haptics, Shape understanding, Assembly modeling and planning, Computational ergonomics, Digital human modeling, 3D product sketching.


  • ME 295 Geometric Modeling for CAD
  • PD 231 Mechanism Design
  • PD 235 Applied Ergonomics

Selected Recent Publications

  • Deb, M., & Sen, D. (2014). Design of double toggle switching mechanisms. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 71, 163-190.
  • Swain, A. K., Sen, D., & Gurumoorthy, B. (2014). Extended liaison as an interface between product and process model in assembly.Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 30(5), 527-545.
  • Ramakrishna, K., & Sen, D. (2015). Transitory second-order reciprocal connection for two surfaces in point contact.Mechanism and Machine Theory, 86, 73-87.
  • Ramakrishna, K., & Sen, D. (2016). A note on enveloping curves in plane. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 105, 510-514.

​​Sponsored Projects

  • Digital Human Modeling for Build Process Simulation (Sponsor: Boeing Co., USA)
  • Technological Data Analytics for Network Enabled Mfg. (Sponsor: Boeing Co., USA)
  • Pediatric Pneumonia Detection (Sponsor: DBT)

Important Patents

  • A Geometric Construction Device for Visually Impaired
    and Methods Thereof
  • A Harvesting Machine and a Method Thereof
  • Multi-Positional Chair
  • Multi-Grasping and Articulated Trans-radial Prosthesis
  • Device for Wrapping and Collection of Fibrous Material
  • A Multi-Orientation Chair, Indian Patent 6686/CHE/2015
  • Prosthetic Arm, Design Registration 287834

Additional Information

  • Patent Application 3547/CHE/2013 led to a successful start-up company named “Sickle Innovations Pvt Ltd” (http://www.sickle.in)