Koushik Viswanathan

Koushik Viswanathan

Assistant Professor

PhD, Purdue University, USA 2015
MS, Purdue University, USA 2014
BTech, MTech., IIT Madras, 2010
+91-80-2293 2670

Research Interests

Advanced manufacturing and finishing processes
Experimental mechanics and metrology
Theoretical methods in mechanics and physics


  • ME 261 Engineering Mathematics
  • ME228 Materials and Structure Property Correlations
  • ME291 Analysis of Manufacturing Process

Selected Recent Publications

  • Sagapuram, D., & Viswanathan, K. (2018). Viscous shear banding in cutting of metals. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 140 (11), 111004.
  • Udupa, A., Viswanathan, K., Saei, M., Mann, J. B., & Chandrasekar, S. (2018). Material-Independent mechanochemical effect in the deformation of highly-strain-hardening metals. Physical Review Applied, 10(1), 014009.
  • Viswanathan, K., & Sundaram, N. K. (2017). Distinct stick-slip modes in adhesive polymer interfaces. Wear, 376, 1271-1278.
  • Viswanathan, K., Sundaram, N. K., & Chandrasekar, S. (2016). Stick-slip at soft adhesive interfaces mediated by slow frictional waves. Soft Matter, 12(24), 5265-5275.
  • Aben, H., Anton, J., Õis, M., Viswanathan, K., Chandrasekar, S., & Chaudhri, M. M. (2016). On the extraordinary strength of Prince Rupert’s drops. Applied Physics Letters, 109(23), 231903.
  • Viswanathan, K., Mahato, A., & Chandrasekar, S. (2015). Nucleation and propagation of solitary Schallamach waves. Physical Review E, 91(1), 012408.
  • Yeung, H., Viswanathan, K., Compton, W. D., & Chandrasekar, S. (2015). Sinuous flow in metals. PNAS, 112(32), 9828-9832.

Sponsored Projects 

  • Deformation processing of lightweight structural metals: Correlating surface flow fields, energy dissipation and product quality through in situ analyses (DST SERB): 2019-2022.
  • Shear banding dynamics in structural alloys under impact loading (ISRO STC): 2019-2022
  • Modular Additive Manufacturing: Systems for hybrid and remanufacturing applications (MHRD IoE): 2019-2021