Pramod Kumar

Pramod Kumar

Associate Professor

PhD, IISc Bangalore, 2008
MS, IISc Bangalore, 2001
BE, Govt. Engineering College, Goa, 1997
+91 80 2293 3361

Research Interests

Heat transfer
Supercritical CO2 Power generation, s-CO2 turbomachinery design
Thermal management of high-power rlectronics devices
Waste heat recovery


  • ME 271 Thermodynamics
  • ME 274 Convective Heat Transfer

Selected Recent Publications

  • Garg, P., Karthik, G. M., Kumar, P., & Kumar, P. (2016). Development of a generic tool to design scroll expanders for ORC applications. Applied Thermal Engineering, 109, 878-888.
  • Garg, P., Orosz, M. S., & Kumar, P. (2016). Thermo-economic evaluation of ORCs for various working fluids.Applied Thermal Engineering, 109, 841-853.
  • Ho, C. K., Carlson, M., Garg, P., & Kumar, P. (2016). Technoeconomic analysis of alternative solarized s-CO2 Brayton cycle configurations. Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 138(5), 051008.
  • Kumar, P., Dutta, P., Murthy, S. S., & Srinivasan, K. (2016). Solar driven carbon dioxide Brayton cycle power generation with thermal compression. Applied Thermal Engineering, 109, 854-860.
  • Kumar, P., & Srinivasan, K. (2016). Carbon dioxide based power generation in renewable energy systems.Applied Thermal Engineering, 109, 831-840.
  • Garg, P., Kumar, P., & Srinivasan, K. (2013). Supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle for concentrated solar power. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 76, 54-60.
  • Garg, P., Kumar, P., & Srinivasan, K. (2015). A trade-off between maxima in efficiency and specific work output of super-and trans-critical CO2 Brayton cycles.The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 98, 119-126.
  • Garg, P., Srinivasan, K., Dutta, P., & Kumar, P. (2014). Comparison of CO2 and steam in transcritical Rankine cycles for concentrated solar power.Energy procedia, 49, 1138-1146.
  • Arghode, V. K., Kumar, P., Joshi, Y., Weiss, T., & Meyer, G. (2013). Rack level modeling of air flow through perforated tile in a data center. Journal of Electronic Packaging, 135(3), 030902.
  • Mitra, S., Kumar, P., Srinivasan, K., & Dutta, P. (2016). Development and performance studies of an air cooled two-stage multi-bed silica-gel+ water adsorption system. International Journal of Refrigeration, 67, 174-189.

​​Sponsored Projects

  • Feasibility Studies a 15 MW s-CO2 power block for  Waste Heat Recovery- Triveni Turbines Ltd. (50 lacs) June 2018-December 2020