R. Thirumaleswara Naik

R. Thirumaleswara Naik

Senior Scientific Officer

PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, 2007
ME, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 2002
BE, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 1999

+91 80 2293 2960

Research Interests

Internal combustion engines, Alternate bio-fuels,
Renewable energy, Combustion, Transportation engineering,
Automotive engineering, Engine emissions control

Selected Recent Publications

  • T. Naik, K.S. Narayana and S.V.U. Rao “Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Variable Compression Ignition Engine” International Journal of Advances in Automobile Engineering,Vol.5, Issue 2,pp.146-150, 2016.
  • T. Naik, M.K.G. Babu and L.M. Das “Performance Studies on CNG Enriched with LPG Operated Spark Ignition Engine” Asian International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering &Technology,Vol.1, issue.3,pp.1-6, 2016.
  • T. Naik and Nilesh Chavan “Emission Characteristics of High-Speed Diesel Engine” International Journal of Mechanical Engineering,Vol.5,4,Pp.29-36, 2016.
  • T. Naik, M.K.G.Babu, L.M.Das and R.T.Babu Naik “Performance Evaluation of LPG Operated Speed Spark Ignition Through a Gas Mixture” International Journal of Engineering Innovative and Technology, Vol.3, issue1, pp.1-4, 2013.
  • V.U. Rao, A. Raj, K.S. Narayana, T.V.H. Rao and R.T. Naik “Effect of VCR on Performance and Emission Characteristics of IC Engine” International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, Vol.37, Issue.6, pp.317-326, 2016. .
  • S. Narayana, R.T. Naik, R.C. Mouli, L.L.V. Gopal Rao and R.T. Babu Naik “Finite Element Analysis of Elliptical Chord: Tubular T-Joints” International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials & Mechanical Engineering, Vol.3, Issure.4, pp.44-61, 2013.
  • S. Narayana, R.T. Naik, R.C. Mouli, M. Prashnath Kumar and R.T. Babu Naik “Static Strength of Elliptical Chord Tubular T-Joints Using FEA” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Education Research, Vol.1, Issure.4,pp.289-304, 2012.

Sponsored Projects

  • PI, Laser Ignition Operated Engine, 2018, DST-SERB
  • PI, CNG-Hydrogen Operated IC Engine, 2016, CiSTUP, GOK
  • PI, Bio-fuelled Combustion Engine, 2015, SERB
  • PI, Bio-Hybrid Auto for Urban Transportation, 2013, CiSTUP

Additional Information

  • Member, Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE), India
  • Member, American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), USA
  • Member, Combustion Institute (CI), India
  • NPTEL Courses: Internal Combustion Engines, Advanced Automotive Engineering, Renewable Energy Technologies