We are saddened to inform all that Prof. M. R. Seshadri breathed his last on July 2nd, 2021, at the age of 89. Prof. M. R. Seshadri was the founder faculty of the then trendy Foundry Engineering stream in Mechanical Engineering department of IISc. He served the Department for over three decades, and was an admired teacher and an active researcher. He had supervised dozens  of doctoral theses, and had a large number publications in world- class journals. He was a pioneer among researchers in the field of metal casting and was revered all over the world. Almost single handedly, he built a very strong research group in our department, probably the largest R&D group  in Foundry Engineering in the world. He was a sought-after consultant  by many industries.

Prof. MRS was known was for his  thoroughness of the subject for his cool and helping attitude. He was indeed a doyen in the foundry Engineering field and an example of dedication and simplicity. He will be missed by hundreds of his past students.