C.S. Jog

C.S. Jog


PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1994
MTech/BTech (Dual Degree), IIT Bombay, 1988

+91 80 2293 2957

Research Interests

Solid mechanics
Continuum mechanics
Finite element methods


  • ME 243 Continuum Mechanics
  • ME 261 Engineering Mathematics
  • ME 257 Finite Element Method
  • ME 242 Solid Mechanics
  • UE 204 Elements of Solid Mechanics

Selected Recent Publications

  • Piyush, P., & Jayanth, G. R. (2016). An out-of-plane linear motion measurement system based on optical beam deflection.Measurement Science and Technology, 27(2), 025203.
  • Nandy, A., & Jog, C. S. (2018). A monolithic finite-element formulation for magnetohydrodynamics.Sādhanā, 43(9), 151.
  • Jog, C. S., & Potghan, N. (2017). A Finite Element Method for Incompressible Fluid Flow in a Noninertial Frame of Reference and a Numerical Study of Circular Couette Flow with Varying Angular Speed.Fluids, 2(4), 53.
  • Agrawal, M., & Jog, C. S. (2017). Monolithic formulation of electromechanical systems within the context of hybrid finite elements.Computational Mechanics, 59(3), 443-457.


  • Foundations and Applications of Mechanics: Vol. I: Continuum Mechanics
  • Foundations and Applications of Mechanics: Vol. II: Fluid Mechanics

Additional Information

Part of Computational Nanoengineering (CoNe) project for the development of MEMS software, which was integrated into finite element software package, NISA.
Project Name: Software development and Scientific Computing in Nanoengineering
National Programme on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS), 2009-2013
Total funding: INR 411 lakhs