C.S. Jog

C.S. Jog


PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1994
MTech/BTech (Dual Degree), IIT Bombay, 1988

+91 80 2293 2957

Research Interests

Solid mechanics
Continuum mechanics
Finite element methods


ME 242 Solid Mechanics
ME 243 Continuum Mechanics
ME 257 Finite Element Method
ME 261 Engineering Mathematics
UE 204 Elements of Solid Mechanics
ME 303 Partial Differential Equations

Selected Recent Publications

  • Nandy, A., & Jog, C. S. (2018). A monolithic finite-element formulation for magnetohydrodynamics.Sādhanā, 43(9), 151.
  • Jog, C. S., & Potghan, N. (2017). A Finite Element Method for Incompressible Fluid Flow in a Noninertial Frame of Reference and a Numerical Study of Circular Couette Flow with Varying Angular Speed.Fluids, 2(4), 53.
  • Agrawal, M., & Jog, C. S. (2017). Monolithic formulation of electromechanical systems within the context of hybrid finite elements.Computational Mechanics, 59(3), 443-457.


  • Foundations and Applications of Mechanics: Vol. I: Continuum Mechanics
  • Foundations and Applications of Mechanics: Vol. II: Fluid Mechanics

Additional Information

Part of Computational Nanoengineering (CoNe) project for the development of MEMS software, which was integrated into finite element software package, NISA.
Project Name: Software development and Scientific Computing in Nanoengineering
National Programme on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS), 2009-2013
Total funding: INR 411 lakhs